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Dads of Epilepsy

Don – Father of Katie

Dads of epilepsy
Katie & Don

A Father's Note

Flying over the Rocky Mountains yesterday made me think how small I feel in the big picture of life. When you think about the journey each of us makes, no one knows what the next day holds. And watching any of our children suffer is tough.

When our daughter Katie had her first seizure, our world was turned upside down and in the days to follow we had no idea what we were up against. When we learned she had epilepsy we had really no idea what epilepsy even was, and for two years we struggled to understand what Katie was facing. We felt totally helpless and wondered, why our daughter? Our world was upside down and the changes she and our family were going through were hard to deal with. Our faith and our prayers, and the love we received from our family and friends, helped to ease the struggles, and we have always had hope.

Today is Sunday, May 28th, 2017 and today we celebrate 5 years of Katie being seizure free, and we feel blessed.

Katie still lives with epilepsy every day ... she has to remember all her medication, and she just had to have her gallbladder removed (doctors say her medication is partly to blame for the gallstones). Every day she is reminded that she has epilepsy. Even though she is one of the lucky ones whose medication has worked, she still lives with it every day. As her parents, we just wanted to make things better but we can't ... all we can do is love our children and try to guide them along the way with a lot of prayer. That's what her mother and I have done.

Through Katie's Run we try to raise funds to help others and to beat this thing called epilepsy. We feel privileged to be a part of it and are honoured by all of you who have come to join in the journey of curing this neurological disorder and hopefully helping others.

Don Woudstra
Haliburton, Ontario

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