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Dads of Epilepsy

"The hardest part of being a parent is watching your child go through something really tough and not being able to fix it for them."

This year we are following up our mom stories with stories from a dad's perspective. A father's role is the protector of his family, so what is it like when he is at a loss as to how to protect his child from having seizures? Please take the time to read and share these heartfelt stories from dads of epilepsy.


Dads of epilepsy
Trystan and his father, Geoff

Geoff – Father of Trystan

A note to my son


Dear Trystan,

Katie's Run weekend is a special weekend in our household, so here's a few words.

I've watched you suffer with epilepsy for five years. No child should ever wish to be a grown up, knowing your epilepsy should be gone by then.

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Dads of epilepsy
Jim and his son, Jonathan

Jim – Father of Jonathan

In November of 2012, my son Jonathan had the first seizure of his life at age 16. Up until this point, epilepsy and seizures were something that I knew about but not intimately like I was about to. Jonathan had three grand mal seizures within 2 weeks all at school. Later when I did see him having a grand mal seizure, it left me feeling very sad, helpless and discouraged that I had no power to conquer this for him.

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Dads of epilepsy
Kate and her father, Barry

Barry – Father of Kate

Our daughter, Kate, was born perfectly healthy. As first time parents, we were delighted with our new family addition. For two and a half months we experienced what millions of young parents go through every day. Then, at the end of November 2012, we experienced Kate's first seizure.

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Dads of epilepsy
Max and his daughter, Emily

Max – Father of Emily

For some reason, I never really paid attention to epilepsy. It always seemed to be someone else's concern as I didn't know anyone who had it, or at least I didn't think I knew anyone. It wasn't until my daughter, Emily Austin-Ward, was diagnosed with epilepsy in July of 2016 when she was 9 years old that I woke up to the world of life with epilepsy.

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Dads of epilepsy
Katie and her father, Don

Don – Father of Katie

Flying over the Rocky Mountains yesterday made me think how small I feel in the big picture of life. When you think about the journey each of us makes, no one knows what the next day holds. And watching any of our children suffer is tough.

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